Our mission: Change the world with microbes to achieve sustainable development.

R&D and products

Culture-To-Product Platform

MoonBiotech's Culture-To-Product platform aims to discover, preserve and identify valuable microbial diversity resources through the world's leading (aerobic and anaerobic) microbial separation and cultivation technologies, and establish the largest international standardized microbial resource center.


The microbial resource center is focusing on in-depth microbiological research and data mining, screening high-throughput functional microorganisms and their metabolites that are biologically active for market needs (biological agriculture, environmental governance, and biomedicine), providing customers with the best microbial products and solutions.

Our R&D platform technology

MoonBiotech provides customers with first-class microbial products and solutions. MoonBioteh's Culture-To-Product platform boasts industry-leading technology advantages from the diversification of microbial resources to the screening of activities, application testing, formulation development and industrialization.

Microbe Discovery

The company’s proprietary technology, Eco-Culturomics, allows us to efficiently isolate microbes that have been historically difficult to cultivate, which can obtain 5-15 times microbial species than conventional isolation and culture techniques.

High-throughput screening

Our proprietary Eco-Screening technology, which is based on the principle of ecological adaptability, could avoid the disadvantages of single strain screening. According to our in-depth microbiome research and data mining, it can high-throughput screen the ones with critical biological activity through enrichment of target strains.

Fermentation Optimization

Through systematic and precise research on the requirements of different microbe for oxygen demand, H2O, pH value, carbon source, nitrogen source and micronutrient elements, a new fermentation system which is on the basis of high-density solid fermentation technology have been designed and developed, to large-scale ferment and produce high quality fungal spores.

Our anaerobic physiology research technology (from small scale anaerobic isolation and anaerobic fermentation, to pilot scale experiment, industrialized anaerobic fermentation) provide strong support for the physiology research and production of anaerobic microorganisms (environmental/Intestinal/oral microorganisms, etc.)

Formulation Development

The advanced microbial micro-membrane coating technology allows microbes to form a stable micro-membrane coating on the surface of seeds/solids to resist the damage caused by poor physicochemical factors. It greatly improves the stability and shelf life of microbiological products.