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We apply biological innovation to help solve increasingly prominent problems in environment,  agriculture and food safety.


All members of our core team have been well engaged either in R&D or in marketing in large international biotechnology companies or leading domestic research institutes, therefore we have extensive experience in product development and industrialization operations.


Technological innovation is the core competency of Moonbiotech, and we are devoting to provide customers with the world leading microbial technology solutions and industrialization service platform.



with the growing shortages of natural resources, climate change, and increasingly health concern, traditional agriculture is facing new challenges. However, the abuse of chemical pesticides and deterioration of soil environmentcause the decline of  soil microbial diversity .

Moonbiotech is a microbial resources collection company,focusing on natural innovation, development and utilization of the most conducive microbes to crop growth. We develop products and tools to help farmers around the world. 

Environmental Governance    


Moonbiotech has a team consisting of top scientists to isolate, culture, and screen the valuable microorganisms for wastewater treatment and soil remediation.  Moonbiotech's experts have worked with many wastewater plants to diagnose the microbial communities in the system, providing solutions to improve the processing efficiency. These close collaborations help and ensure our partners to receive the best products and service.




The research of human microbiome is creating a new wave of the pharmaceutical industry.

There are thousands of trillions of microorganisms colonized and living in a healthy human body. They synthesize  nutrients, fight against pathogens, prevent obesity and benefit brain development.

Human microbiome studies have shown that there are thousands species of microorganisms colonizing and living in human body: approximately 25 species of microorganisms (Helicobacter pylori, Streptococcus thermophilus, et al) colonize in human stomach, more than 600 species of microorganisms (Strptococcus viridans, et al) colonize in mouth, throat and respiratory system, about 1000 species of microorganisms (Pityrosporum ovale, et al) colonize on skin, and about 1000 species of microorganisms (Lactobacillus casei, et al) colonize in  intestine, about 60 species of microorganisms (Ureplasma parvum, et al) colonize in urogenital system.

There are as many as 10^14 microorganisms just in human intestine, which is about 5-10 times of our body cells. The total number of genes exceeds 3 million, which is about 100 times of human genes. These microorganisms play a vital role in nutrition, metabolism, immunity and health of human body, providing us a new perspective to understand and treat diseases more in-depth.


Gene discovery  



We have entered the era of bio-economy, an erathat microorganisms and their genetic resources are so important and even a single gene may lead to a brand-new industry. The newly discovered genes and species are of enormous commercial value. For example, the industrialization of the BT gene, a microbial insect-resistant gene, has brought multinational corporations billions of revenues every year.

Despite decades of greatefforts in research, only a small number of genes were introduced into crops, and more innovative and diverse genetic resources are needed to further promotion in agricultural yield. China is an important player of global crop cultivation and a country rich in microbial resources. It will be of great value if we can collect and protect crop genetic resources and integrate the extremely diverse microbial genetic resources into the development of agricultural science and technology.

Aiming at preservation, development and utilization of the microbial resources, Moonbiotech built the first commercial exploration platform for microbial resources in China. With strong microbiome analysis capabilities, microbial high-throughput screening technology and genome mining platforms, Moonbiotech has great power in discovery of gene resources and cooperate with multiple partners in following work including patent protection and industrial development.